Everyday people across this country become victims of crimes, some more violent then others. Some may not be harmed, while others get seriously injured. The only common thread is that criminals always seek the opportunity to commit crimes. The typical criminal does not want to be challenged,  let alone get caught. So they seek the easy opportunity with less chance of being caught or challenged.  As members of society we must become more aware of the indicators commonly associated with criminal acts. There is not enough information available to the public in order to learn how to avoid, defend and determine criminal behavior. Local law enforcement throughout the country teach people basic crime prevention to civilians in regards to property and what to look for in communities, however self protection and behavior observation is often neglected. If more community members become aware of pre indicators they may be able to deter and avoid becoming a victim. The slogan “See something say something,” may not be practical. Community members must understand that dialing 911 may not be feasible and that there is a delay from the time you dial 911 and the time police respond maybe anywhere from 5 to 10 minutes. Once you are engaging with a criminal 2 minutes can feal like eternity. So the best option is to understand criminal behavior, body language, and preassault indicators and try to avoid the situation by using all the necessary options available. In this case ” the battle that is won is the battle not fought ” SunTzu