Our goal at Homeland Training Group is to increase the amount of trained individuals in society dedicated to eliminating criminal behavior and acts of terrorism prior to an incident. We are always told “see something say something” well what is it that we should be looking for? The average person is not trained to identify suspicious behavior and anomalies that vary from a baseline. Such skills take time and practice to learn. As an avid news watcher it is easy to see the evil that exists in the world we live in today, however you do not have to be a victim. The typical criminal that preys on members of society or a terrorist will always display behavioral indicators that will tell you their intentions before they strike. Bad guys do not want to get caught so by default their bodies and behavior provide clues to the trained eyes that they are up to no good. The body and mind work together. So body language and verbal cues will always indicate motives prior to an incident or act of violence.