Security Awareness For Educators

Active Shooter Response

This training will provide options and skill for either civilian or public safety officials to respond to active shooter incidents.

Emergency Medical Care

Participants will learn the necessary skills to stop serious bleeding by properly applying a tourniquet. This is recommended for all educators because the time of first responders will be delayed and the need to render aid during certain incidents will be postponed until the threat has been stopped and the scene is safe. So the need to controlserious bleeding is necessary to preserve life. 

Community Awareness Program

Participants of this training will receive a brief overview of the current threat and understand how crime and terrorism operations work, indicators associated with certain terrorist activities and how to keep safe.

Critical Incident Response

The participants of this training will be able to effectively respond to critical incidents of both natural and acts of terrorism. Attendees will learn to identify key considerations, initial and subsequent courses of actions to minimize the loss of life and improve the recovery process