Security Awareness For Educators

Active Shooter Response

This training will provide options and skill for either civilian or public safety officials to respond to active shooter incidents.

Dignitary / VIP Protection

Participants will learn the skills and knowledge to effectively provide peak protection. This training is specifically for public safety officials however we encourage parents to attend because our children are our VIPs when they are with us in public, so why not learn how to protect them.


Participants will learn the specific skills to identify individuals with hostile intentions using covert surveillance techniques.

(Law enforcement and public safety professionals)

Emergency Medical Care

Participants will learn the necessary skills to stop serious bleeding by properly applying a tourniquet. This is open to the general public because the response time of first responders to render aid during certain incidents will be delayed until the threat has been stopped and the scene is safe. So bleeding control is serious to preserve life.

Counter Terrorism Awareness

Participants of this training will receive a brief overview of the current threat and understand how terrorism operations work, indicators associated with certain terrorist activities and how to keep safe.

Behavior Observation and Deception Detection

Participants of this training will learn to observe and identify anomalies that are often associated with terrorist activities and indicators of deception. They will also learn to read body language, gestures and facial expressions to determine if someone is lying.

Critical Incident Response

The participants of this training will be able to effectively respond to critical incidents of both natural and acts of terrorism. Attendees will learn to identify key considerations, initial and subsequent courses of actions to minimize the loss of life and improve the recovery process